Submitting a PhD Dissertation

It’s been a long and sometimes difficult decade in college getting a PhD in aerospace engineering.  And it has only been possible with the help and support of many others. So while there is a sense of achievement with the degree, I am also humbled to remember just how often I have gotten — and needed — help of all kinds along the way.

Check out my dedication, acknowledgements and vita — thank you all of you who are named specifically and thank you to the many more who have been a positive influence even if you aren’t named

My thanks here focuses – with a few exceptions – on those who have had a significant impact on my life sometime in the last four years and whose influence on my life has stretched over at least a year.  In reality there are quite a few more people I respect, am close to, and am thankful for in the present.

At what point in your life did you feel particularly thankful for fortuitous Providence or for the network of support you’ve had?  Don’t forget to let the people you’re thankful for know about it!

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