When plans need to change

Plans in the making for almost a year change suddenly, and now what?  We are still going to Nicaragua December-January, but now with new limitations and also new opportunities. The difference: we won’t be taking Steadfast the sailing canoe.  One minor difference but it changes just about everything about the trip.

The challenge is not finding something to do instead. Many of the same places are still worth visiting: Ometepe, Solentiname, San Juan del Sur, Greytown, and others. There are many things to do, from summiting volcanoes to surfing to watching sea turtles to jungle treks to fishing and trying out local foods.  But with so much open-ended, the challenge is a compelling plan, an adventure and an epic that rivals the original plan.

Kalalau Sunset
Approaching something beautiful: getting near Kalalu Valley after a long hike. Similarly, #NicaraguaC2C is almost here, and we’re excited about the unknown which awaits.

We have some ideas in the works, but what would you do with a few weeks in Nicaragua?  Seriously, let us know, and if we like the suggestions we’ll take them!

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