How you can partner with me for OME14

UPDATE: Thank you for those of you who partnered with me in this!  I was fully funded and really felt that I had a lot of support!  As OME14 is over, it is no longer possible to partner with me on that adventure, but you are welcome to contact me if you want to partner in some way on my current adventure.

Click here to join me in the journey for OME14

Use the link above to get me your contact info and let me know how you’d like to participate with me in this adventure.  There are basically three options (in addition to an “other” that lets you send me a private comment):

  • Request more information.  I’m happy to get in touch and talk more about what I am doing, what OME14 will look like, and why I believe this is the best place for me to spend my summer.  I can give general info or address specific questions.
  • Join the prayer circle.  Like any good adventure, OME14 will include its fair share of struggles – both emotional and spiritual – and I would appreciate prayers for those.  I’ll also need prayers for effectiveness and impact in ministry to my team and outreach to others.  I am trying to have 50 people committed to praying for me, my team, and the program as a whole, so please join the ranks if you feel so led.
  • Donate to the cause.  I am perfectly willing to pay my own way for this program out of my personal savings – I believe in it that much!  But if you’d like to partner with me financially and help me raise $1,950 for the cost of OME14, I would definitely appreciate it – after all, 40 people partnering with me by $50 each would more than cover it.  Want to be one of them?

I’d love to have you share in this journey in some way:  If you think you even might want to, then let me know!

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